Dragon ball fighting 2.3

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Game Info: Dragon ball fighting 2.3

This is Dragon Ball Fighting v2.3 version, the version you played Dragon Ball v2.2 will definitely find interesting with this Fighting v2.3 version.

Dragon Ball Fighting 2.3

Let’s just play and explore Fighting Dragon Ball v2.3.

There are many changes in Fighting v2.3, we are always updating Dragon Ball the latest version so that you can satisfy your gaming needs.

How to Play: Dragon ball fighting 2.3

player1: AD to move, J to attack, K to jump, L for Qi storage, UIO for special skills. Key combination: AA/DD for sprint, S+A+J for Qigong, AA/DD+J for Dash Attack. Players2: Arrow keys to move, 1 to attack, 2 to jump, 3 for Qi storage, 456 for special skills.


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